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Having left over rice from the previous night or from the day’s lunch is a common problem in many house holds. If you are in a fix as to what to do with this rice, the simplest solution would be to make a healthy fried rice. It can be made using vegetables of your choice like carrots and beans or if you are feeling lazy just use onions and peas and you have your peas jeera rice ready in a jiffy. I always store away a pack of frozen peas in my freezer. Comes very handy at such times. Not much chopping necessary. Just open the peas thaw them and you are ready to use them.
This dish is healthy and nutritious and satisfies your taste buds. Kids would love it . This recipe is especially useful when you are alone at home and not in a mood to do elaborate cooking but something simple and easy.

You would require:
Cooked rice  —- 1 cup . You can use basmati rice

Oil —-    for seasoning
Jeera —- 3-4 tsp
Green Chillies —- 2-3 chopped to 1″ pieces or according to taste.
The chillies can be deseeded if you don’t like the heat of the chillies
Onion —- 1 medium sliced lengthwise
Garlic —- 3-4 pods chopped

Ginger —- 1″piece grated
Carrots —- 1-2 small chopped finely
Beans —- a 2-3 chopped finely
Peas —- 1/4 cup
Pudina leaves —- few (optional)
Salt —- as per taste
Chilli powder —- optional
Turmeric powder —- a pinch
Pepper powder —- a pinch (optional)
Coriander leaves—- chopped, for garnishing

We start by cooking some rice. Adding some oil to the rice+water before cooking prevents the rice from sticking and the rice grains stay separate.
Heat some oil in Kadhai or a deep bottomed pan. Add the jeera.
When it started spluttering, add the green chillies, ginger and garlic and allow them to fry.
When the raw smell of the garlic disappears, add the onions and fry till the onions turn pink colour. Add salt at this stage. This helps in the onions staying crispy and everything cooks properly.
Now turn up the heat of the stove and when the pan heats up  add the carrots, beans and peas. Turning up the heat will help the vegetables turn crispy and cook faster  sealing the flavours of the vegetables.
The pudina leaves are added at this stage and fried till the leaves wilt and mix properly.
Add the turmeric and chilli powder mix well.
Add the rice (continue maintaining the high heat) and fry properly. Care should be taken not to burn the ingredients. So constantly stir through the process.
Add the pepper powder and coriander leaves. Mix well. Check the seasoning to make sure that the salt is enough.
This can be served with raitha of your choice.

If you have dried herbs like oregano at home you can add it along with pepper to give the jeera fried rice a distinctive flavour.
Vegetables like capsicum can also be added according to your taste.
You can add AJINO MOTTO if you prefer.

If you are using fresh cooked rice make sure the rice cools down to room temperature before proceeding with the recipe. This will ensure that the rice does not stick to each other and turn mushy.


For a simple and very basic recipe see my version of a simple jeera rice

For a south indian version of a jeera rice see my recipe for aloo jeera rice

Suggested servings:

You can serve this with any north indian dal or gravy or raitha of your choice.


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