A taste of rural India

The rustic nature of the village atmosphere has always enchanted me. Still not invaded by the mechanical and somewhat unemotinal life of the cities, these villages retain their charm. They continue living by the methods and practices handed down through the generations though a couple of influences of modernisation keep showing up. The innocence of the villagers, the greenery and the friendly atmosphere left me spell bound at a friend’s marriage which was held in a small village in Andhra Pradesh India. I even borrowed one of their recipes which they normally have for break fast called Oggani Bajji which is featured in this blog.

I hope you would enjoy seeing the pics as much as I enjoyed staying there.


Instruments used in farming


      Getting ready to cook afternoon lunch for the guests

                                                      Making DAL or Indian lentils

     Cooking in progress

Making Tomato Chutney the authentic way


                                                          A village house

Ingenious way of keeping mosquitoes at baythe villager sets fire to some dry grass to create smoke to drive away flies and mosquitoes from his cattle shed.

Election campaigning on the wall

(meaning vote for mr.mallkarjun reddy, symbol gas stove)



2 thoughts on “A taste of rural India

  1. Wonderful photos! This is what I like most about discovering new blogs, I get a glimpse of how beautiful and fascinating other cultures are. I love the big cooking pot!

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