Let’s make a difference : Akshaya Patra-ISKCON

Akshaya Patra – a vessel that gives food continuously with no signs of diminishing…the vessel that helped the Pandavas through their period of exile. Akshaya Patra in the 21st century helping kids experience a better world by providing them with food everyday. How relevant.


(IMG COURTESY: http://www.akshayapatra.org/happy-kids-gallery)

The IndiBlogger meet held in Bangalore helped me uncover a lot of facts about the Akshaya Patra programme conducted by ISKCON Bangalore that I was previously unaware of. I am happy now that I decided to attend it. They say that if you have a noble intention and you work towards it, help will automatically start pouring in. What started as a small endeavour by ISKCON to try and feed the kids of a small school has today turned out into a foundation with feeds lakhs of children in 9 states of India . Started by Sri Madhu Pandita Dasa, this organisation now has T.V. Mohandasa Pai of Infosys technologies, V. Balakrishnan of Infosys technologies among others on its advisory board, who have helped design the structuring and functioning. Understandably the organisation has all the features of an MNC. World class machinery that helps churn out hot nutritious balanced food for kids, a system of transport which helps food reach on time to the waiting kids and most of all a dedicated team of people who makes sure everything works at clock precision.


(IMG COURTESY: http://www.akshayapatra.org/happy-kids-gallery)

We actually got to sample the food that is fed to kids everyday and I must say it reminds you of your mother’s cooking, simple, tasty and nutritious. I was amazed to see so much self-less dedication to feed kids who were in no way related to these people. It makes you stop and think of how can contribute about towards the noble cause. So here is a starting step from me towards a cause which has touch a lot of hearts that attended that IndiBlogger’s meet that was held in ISKCON in Bangalore on 9th of January 2011. If you have read this blog and it has moved you, please share the link with your friends. Let us get the message about Akshaya Patra to as many people as we can. The more the people are aware, the more the help will pour in and more kids fed. Let’s do our bit and make this world a better place for these kids.


(IMG COURTESY: http://www.akshayapatra.org/happy-kids-gallery)

The link to the organisation that has made a difference to the lives of a lot of kids:


Let us click and bring a smile.


5 thoughts on “Let’s make a difference : Akshaya Patra-ISKCON

  1. Glad to see so many bloggers joining hands for a noble cause! I missed the meet, wish to visit their kitchens once and write a detailed story to promote more people to support the cause.

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