The fresh fragrance of it is enough to uplift your senses. The colour of it relaxes the eye. The name evokes a sense of flavour. Coriander or dhania pathi, the quintessential Indian herb that is gaining world wide significance for its fresh citrusy and earthy flavour.


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Used as a garnish in most Indian dishes, it enhances the flavour of the dish. The leaf part of it exudes a kind of aroma, while the stems enhance the flavour of the dish. People would be generally under the impression that you should just use the leaves and discard the stems.Stems are very flavourful parts of the plant. Just chop the stem finely along with the leaves and place them in whichever dish you want. The leaves provide fragrance and the stems provide texture.


In Indian cooking coriander is used as a garnish for salads, juices, to garnish dals, curries, gravies, sambars and rasams and the list is endless. I cant imagine my kitchen without coriander. Then there are the age old recipes of making coriander cutney in different ways.

Coriander….the earthy herb, the flavour enhancer and a herb that improves the overall taste of any dish

What are your views about this herb. Would like to add some more info or tips here? Just leave a comment.


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