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Bangalore’s chilly weather always makes me crave for something warmifying, especially in the evenings. A plate of piping hot chat, pani puri or even a warm cinnamon roll. But my favourite indulgence is a mug of hot cholocate. It reminds you of a feeling of gratifying warmth that gets you ready to take over the world Smile with tongue out. I have tried hot chocolate at a lot of places but it almost always falls a little short of my expectations… a little less chocolate… a little too much sugar.. which leaves me..well a little less satisfied. Eventually, I dropped all plans of ever trying hot chocolate in those posh places and came out with the next plausible solution….making it at home. And the result was the purchase of a pack of chocolate powder.. Cadbury’s ofcourse… and then a series of experiments which lead to my own recipe of hot chocolate.  Quirky at it may seem, the recipe does work. It got a seal of approval from hubby.

So here is my recipe for a mug of piping hot chocolate. The recipe is for making one serving. Although if you are in a mood to extra indulge just add a little extra of everything and you are sorted Open-mouthed smile

What you would need:

Milk : 1 cup (skimmed milk if you are on a diet, whole milk if you really wanna pamper yourself )
Sugar – 1 1/2 – 2 tsp or as per choice
Cholocate powder – 1 1/2 to 2 tsp (depends on how strong you like it)
A small block/piece of chocolate of your choice (Again I used a couple of squares of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate.
Cream – 1 tsp for topping (optional)

How you make it:

Start warming the milk in a vessel that you normally use for making tea or boiling milk, Add all the other ingredients gradually stirring well. Bring the milk to heat of your choice. Turn off the heat.
Serve in a mug of your choice with a topping of cream.

Enjoy on winter/rainy evening Open-mouthed smile


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  1. Hi Aparna

    Thanks a lot for your comments on my site! I see that you have a really nice site going here too. All the best, and I really liked your site’s content :).



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