Getting a perfect hard boiled egg | TummyKhush

You are trying to make a curry or a dish with a hard boiled egg. You end with a soft boiled egg and a goeey runny mess. I have faced this situation many times and half boiled eggs really put me off. They change the whole flavour of this dish I am trying to make.

So I went back to my trusted Internet, did a lot of research and after various experiments, came up with a way of getting the perfect hard boiled egg.

Different people have different methods of boiling eggs. It is a trial and error more or less. Here is my way of making them.

Please do share your own tips and tricks in the suggestions section.


Bring the eggs to room temperature once you remove them from the fridge.

Add the eggs to a pan filled with room temperature water.
Add some salt to the water.
Nigella Lawson adds a match stick to the water. She says it prevents the shell from cracking. I follow that tip.
Bring the water to a boil. If you are  using a regular gas stove continue boiling for about 7 minutes. Make sure that heat is not too high as the rigorous boiling may cause the eggs to jump around and crack. Medium to medium high heat will do.


Turn off the heat. Allow the eggs to come to room temperature. If you dont have enough time, just remove hot water from the pan , fill the pan with cold water. Allow the eggs to sit in the pan for few minutes to cool them down.
Crack the egg shell from all sides by hitting them gently over the counter top. Place the eggs under running tap water and slowly peel away the egg shell. This will ensure that the egg shell will peel away evenly giving a nice final finish to your hard boiled eggs.


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