Masala majjiga / Chaas / Buttermilk | TummyKhush

It is one drink almost all of us grew up relishing. Made with simple ingredients, simple method and loads of goodness, buttermilk is considered the ideal drink for summers and winters. While the herbs added to it provide medicinal value, the curds contain good bacteria that aid digestion and reduce stomach upsets. Dilute the curd with loads of water if you are on a diet.. Have a jug of buttermilk in your fridge and be ready to tingle your taste buds or that of unexpected guests.


After a lot of trial and error I have come up with a simple recipe of masala buttermilk that is sure to be a winner.

You would need:

Thick curd – 1 cup
Water – 1 cup ( you can add more or less as per your choice)
Fresh ginger – 1 small piece skinned and finely grated
Green chilly – 1 -seeds removed and slit into two
Mint – couple of leaves
Coriander leaves – few
Salt to taste

In the container of your choice, finely grate some ginger. Add the green chilly, mint leaves, coriander and salt. (Since we are just breaking the chilly into two big pieces it wont be spicy but just fragrant). I prefer to put everything in whole as it will be easy to remove before serving. Add salt and a little water and mix well. You could slightly mash everything with a pestle if you wish. I dont prefer putting it in a food processor as I dont like the flavour. Now add the curd mix/beat well.  Use a churner if you prefer. Add required amount of water. Mix well and check seasoning. Chill and serve. You can strain before serving if you wish. The flavours develop over time. So it is good idea to prepare this a couple of hours before serving.


Enjoy a refreshing drink without worrying about sugar content or preservatives. And do leave your feedback.


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