Everyday Microwave tips

Microwaves have become an integral part of every kitchen. Depending on how much you have spent on your microwave, it is useful for a range of functions right from reheating to roasting to baking.

I turn on the microwave almost everyday for some reason or the other and often wonder how I survived without one for years.

Here are some of everyday uses for microwave, some I leant through personal experience, others through various sources.

1. Boiling potatoes: Just microwave the whole potato (along with the skin) for 3 minutes. The skin prevents the moisture from going out and the potato cooks with the internal moisture. If after 3 mins, you feel that the potato hasn’t cooked enough, just cook it for few more seconds.

I used the microwave to cook arbi or chamadumpalu also. I just place a bunch of them and microwave for 4 mins.

2. Peeling garlic : Place the whole garlic cloves on the plate and microwave for about 30 sec, allow to cool and peel.

3. Roasting papads: Microwave Lijjat  papads or similar masala papads for 30 sec instead roasting them on the pan.

4. Cold fruits and vegetables: To bring cold refrigerated vegetables and fruits to room temperature, microwave for around 30 sec to 1 min depending on how cold they are. Then leave them outside the oven for a minute or so before using.

5. Sterilising containers : Microwave can be used to sterilise glass and food grade plastic containers. Just wash them, wipe and microwave for about a minute. This is a handy tip for storing pickles and snacks.

6. Seperate coconut from the shell: Microwave the broken coconut piece for a minute or two.

7. Preserving groceries: Microwave Idli ravva, upma ravva, peanuts etc for a couple of minutes before storing. This will reduce the chances of pests and worms and increase shelf life.

8.Extracting juices: Microwave oranges and lemons for a minute. You will be able to get more juice.

9. Cleaning: To clean those kitchen wipes and scrubs, just wash them with soap and water and place in the microwave. Microwave for a minute.This will disinfect the wipes and scrubs. Remember to clean the microwave plate once this is done.

To clean the microwave, itself wipe it well with a cloth, and then run the microwave empty for two minutes.

If you have any more tips, just add them in the comments.


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