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This was my first attempt at making a milk based dessert and it came out good. I normally prefer having desserts at sweet shops and restaurants since it is a time consuming process and I am low on patience. But the reducing quality and increasing costs finally pushed me to make it at home. It took a couple of hours to get the final product but not difficult if you have good quality milk. I used regular milk, but whole milk will give you much better results.

bread pudding

Milk – 1 litre
Sugar – 1 cup (adjust according to taste)

Elaichi/Cardomom pods – 2 to 3
Vanilla sugar/vanilla extract/ vanilla essence. I used a couple of spoons of the vanilla sugar.
White bread slices 3 to 4. You can chop off the brown crusts if you want. I kept them.

I first allowed milk to come to a boil in a big non stick pan. Once the milk came to a rolling boil, reduced heat to low and continued to allow it to heat up. Do not cover the pan. A layer of cream keeps forming on the top. Skim this layer with a spoon and place it in another container. This will encourage the formation of a new layer of cream. Keep checking on the milk every 10-15 mins to remove the cream and make sure that nothing is burning. Keep stirring the milk everytime you remove the layer of cream. This process might take sometime. Yes, patience is the key here.


bread pudding sweet (1) bread pudding sweet (2) 


Halfway through the process you can add the elaichi/cardomom pods and the vanilla essence. Just slit the pods in half and drop them in the milk. You can remove them in the end before serving. By this time, the elaichi would have rendered all his flavour into the milk.
Once you find that the milk has thickened enough to your satisfaction, add back all the collected cream into the milk and add the sugar. Keep checking the taste to see if you need more sugar or less.
In the mean time, shallow fry the bread slices in ghee. I put a couple of spoons of ghee on my dosa/chapati pan, warmed the pan and fried both the sides till they were golden brown and fried properly. This process, I think, will take less ghee that frying in a frying pan.


Once the cream + milk is warm enough and I am satisfied that all the flavours are well balanced, I added the bread slices to the milk and warmed everything up till the bread soaked the flavours of the milk and turned gooey.


Few tips:

  • You need good quality milk to get a good amount of cream. It’s worth spending the extra money to buy some whole milk since it is an indulgence.
  • Want to indulgence? Steep some good quality strands in some warm milk for a couple of minutes. Add this to the dessert to get a good colour and flavour.
  • Have a good quality vanilla extract in your pantry rather than the regular vanilla essence. It will make a lot of difference to the taste of your desserts

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