Aparna Hari

Blissfully married to : Aditya Hari

Passionate about : Travelling, Exploring new places, trying out new cuisines, experimenting with cooking, my home

Favourite pastimes: Searching for new recipes, shopping for interior decoration pieces, ingredients for the kitchen.

Prized possessions: My favourite cookbooks and my recently purchased OTG

Philosophy in life: Everything had a time and place. When in fix over a difficult situation, leave destiny to decide course of things instead of fretting and making life even more difficult.

 They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…. and I do believe this…. And that’s how I stumbled upon my passion for cooking… Before marriage… being the pampered child that I was… I never was asked to cook… or take care of any other daily chores. But after marriage I shifted to a different state and a different town with a different language. Being a foody myself and then having a huge foodie for a husband, I started looking out for ways to improve my cooking skills and was constantly on the lookout for new recipes. And the internet was a major boon coz this is where I explored new recipes and started trying them out….. and I realised that cooking is not that difficult after all. All you need is the passion for cooking and the right ingredients…. and … well there is no stopping you. So, even if you are a first timer…or newly married…. there is really no need to worry. Catch hold of some good websites keep following the updates regularly..start experimenting when you have time…. and there is no stopping you…. All the best!!!!

Criticism? suggestions?ideas? You can contact me on aparna_ j81ATyahooDOTcom

Any feedback always welcome.


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