Mamidikaya Pulihara/Mango rice | TummyKhush

Summer means mangoes. Mangoes means yumminess. I am not really a fan of the fruit. But give me a raw mango anytime and I can weave magic around it. My most favourite is the mango pulihara. It is a mildly spiced mango rice preperation. You can have it for breakfast or as a meal in itself. For me its on-top-of-list comfort food. There is really no rocket science in making this. You just need to understand how much sourness from the mango gives the right balance of flavour to the rice. Another secret lies in the tempering. If you can … Continue reading Mamidikaya Pulihara/Mango rice | TummyKhush

Aloo Chole (Chickpeas and potatoes cooked in Indian spices)

So I had a cup of pre-soaked black chole in the fridge and I needed to feed two hungry stomachs (me and the husband), and I knew that the chole would not be enough, and I needed a filler. So what was the logical choice?? Potato obviously. This was a last minute thrown together innovation that was fuelled by a desire to eat something filling in the cold rainy weather and an empty fridge on a Saturday night. I improvised as I went and the end result was not half as bad. So what is the next thing I do? Take pictures and write a recipe obviously.

aloo chole (14)

So here is how I made this curry.

Black channa (or kabuli channa whichever is available) – soaked overnight and then cooked for a couple of whistles in the cooker or boiling water to soften it slightly.

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Vegetable Fried Rice | TummyKhush

This is a simple fridge raid recipe for those times when you have to just finish up those one or two vegetables left in the fridge before that weekend shopping trip or when you have left over rice from the previous night and crave for some comfort food. This is a very forgiving recipe as you can simply throw in a few ingredients to the pan and modify the recipe to your taste. I always like my fried rice simple with a few ingredients with no extra sauces added. You can always throw in some soya sauce and tomato sauce to get the typical road side bandi flavour.


For now I am sharing this recipe which is very basic and the ultimate comfort food for me.

I warmed up some oil in the pan for tempering. You could use butter or ghee to enhance the flavour.

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Semiya Upma/Vermicelli Upma | TummyKhush

Semiya upma is one of the favourite South Indian breakfast recipes. Semiya, known as vermicelli in English looks like long dry pasta/noodle strands. When cooked in water they swell and soften like any pasta or noodle would. Some semiya is sold pre-roasted too cutting down the step of roasting the semiya before cooking. Semiya is also used for making payasam or kheer (a dessert preparation) for festivals and special occassions.


For making this recipe you would need:

Semiya/vermicelli : 1 cup
Water :  1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cups

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Idli Chutney (with groundnuts and coconut) | TummyKhush

Telugu people are famous for their breakfast chutneys. A lovely accompaniment to various breakfast recipes such as Idlis, Dosas, Upmas and even Puris (which is Hyderabadi style), these chutneys form an essential part of the morning ritual for a lot of people. I personally prefer eating places which offer a wide variety of chutneys with breakfast (with a heavy price tag ofcourse). The chutney range includes white chutney (groundnut/coconut/roasted bengal gram dal in various proportions), red chutney (ginger) and green chuntey(mint). The authentic, though, is the white chutney. This is very versatile to make,where you simply use different ingredients in various permutations and combinations to get a different taste everytime.



Here is a simple recipe of the quintessential Idli chutney recipe:

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Getting a perfect hard boiled egg | TummyKhush

You are trying to make a curry or a dish with a hard boiled egg. You end with a soft boiled egg and a goeey runny mess. I have faced this situation many times and half boiled eggs really put me off. They change the whole flavour of this dish I am trying to make.

So I went back to my trusted Internet, did a lot of research and after various experiments, came up with a way of getting the perfect hard boiled egg.

Different people have different methods of boiling eggs. It is a trial and error more or less. Here is my way of making them.

Please do share your own tips and tricks in the suggestions section.


Bring the eggs to room temperature once you remove them from the fridge.
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