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I keep talking a lot about fridge raid recipes to use up left over veggies in the fridge. For a change I am gonna talk about a recipe that I’d love to make after finishing my shopping trip. I can’t resist filling up my cart with fresh veggies when I go shopping. I love the sights and smells of fresh produce in the market. After one particular shopping trip, I had some fresh carrots and cucumbers and a brain wave…to make something with a combination of these two. Since both of them were fresh, I didn’t want to cook and spoil those awesome flavours. And I was planning to make dosas for dinner. So chutney it was. I simply took the basic principles of chutney making and instead of sauteing the veggies which is the normal method, I simply used them raw and voila a new recipe was born. It is still one of my favourite chutney recipes and I am proud to say it is completely my baby from conception to completion.


Here is how I made this carrot kheera chutney.

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Idli Chutney (with groundnuts and coconut) | TummyKhush

Telugu people are famous for their breakfast chutneys. A lovely accompaniment to various breakfast recipes such as Idlis, Dosas, Upmas and even Puris (which is Hyderabadi style), these chutneys form an essential part of the morning ritual for a lot of people. I personally prefer eating places which offer a wide variety of chutneys with breakfast (with a heavy price tag ofcourse). The chutney range includes white chutney (groundnut/coconut/roasted bengal gram dal in various proportions), red chutney (ginger) and green chuntey(mint). The authentic, though, is the white chutney. This is very versatile to make,where you simply use different ingredients in various permutations and combinations to get a different taste everytime.



Here is a simple recipe of the quintessential Idli chutney recipe:

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Beerakaya pachadi-Ridge gourd groundnut chutney | Tummykhush

Think of andhra food and the first thing that comes to mind is pachadis or chutneys. we andhras are notorious for being able to make chutneys out of every possible vegetable. The recipes are varied and flavours different. Eaten with rice and ghee, the tingling taste buds draw you back to the flavours once you get used to them. Today I am showing the recipe for ridge gourd chutney.


Gourds are traditional Indian vegetables and form a major part of the cooking repertoire. Gourds are considered “temple foods” or the foods preferred when one is convulsing after a bout of sickness. Ridge gourd also known as beerakaya in telugu and turai in Hindi is good on fibre content, low in fat and cholesterol and considered a good option for  people with diabetes. Presence of other vitamins and minerals such as thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium etc make it nutritious and something that has to be eaten on a regular basis.

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Mint and Yoghurt Raitha | TummyKhush

Summer has finally set in..And thus starts my hunt for recipes that help in reducing the effects of the scorching summer. I was rummaging through my recipe books for a nice salad recipe and came across a simple mint and yoghurt salad recipe with salt and sugar. I added my own healthy twist to it and thus was born my healthy mint and yoghurt veggie raitha. Have it as an accompaniment with rotis or pulao/fried rice of your choice and you will feel the cooling effect of the mint and yoghurt combo for a long time after you have eaten it.


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Andhra style garlic chutney (Vellulli rotu pachadi) | TummyKhush

Most of us like eating South Indian thalis when we are out for lunch. Simple uncomplicated dishes like dal, stir fries, chuntey, rasam and curd make for a satisfying meal which is light on both the stomach and purse. An integral part of a South Indian meal is usually a chutney which is served in almost all hotels along with the rice. These chutneys are spicy but at the same time tasty. These chutneys are easy to make and once you get a hang of them you are sure to include them in your every day food.

Here is a simple recipe of a garlic chutney. For one serving of the chutney, you would require:

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Snake gourd and curd chutney/Potlakaya perugu pachadi | TummyKhush

Gourds are an integral part of South Indian diet. High on nutrition value on low on fat, these vegetables are easy to digest. They have been a part of convalesence diet or post-illness diet for a long time now. Snake gourd is one of the gourds that has been a part of traditional South Indian cooking. Named after its shape, it is easy to cook and healthy.

One of the dishes that is made with this gourd is a curd salad known in telugu as perugu pachadi. It conisits of curd and South Indian style  simple tempering. It is a kindof curd and snake gourd salad with tempering.  Here is how it is made.

You would require:

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