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You are trying to make a curry or a dish with a hard boiled egg. You end with a soft boiled egg and a goeey runny mess. I have faced this situation many times and half boiled eggs really put me off. They change the whole flavour of this dish I am trying to make.

So I went back to my trusted Internet, did a lot of research and after various experiments, came up with a way of getting the perfect hard boiled egg.

Different people have different methods of boiling eggs. It is a trial and error more or less. Here is my way of making them.

Please do share your own tips and tricks in the suggestions section.


Bring the eggs to room temperature once you remove them from the fridge.
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Egg masala-Easy Indian style Egg Curry | TummyKhush

You have “vegetarians” , you have “non-vegetarians” and then you have “egg-itarians”. That is the level of importance given to eggs. A lot of in-flight lunch menus these days have a separate section for people who don’t eat non-vegetarian food but love their eggs. And I am proud to say that hubby and me are a part of that elite group. Egg is a versatile ingredient. Have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between snacks. Have it with bread for breakfast, eat it with rice or rotis as main course, make a biryani or fried rice out of it. And how can one forget the ever green omelette. The options are endless. And if you are Indian and you love your curries, what better option than to make a nice spicy egg curry. That is what we are doing today. Simple ingredients that you would have in your kitchen even your weekend after the fridge has been raided completely and needs to be filled with a trip to the market. Weekday hurried cooking, weekend comfort food cravings ..this dish will work for you.


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Egg Porutu / Spicy scrambled eggs – indian style | TummyKhush

Bangalore is famous for its fresh vegetables fruits and leafy vegetables. The sight of the fresh aromatic vibrant greens with the mud from the fields still sticking to roots inspires me to get cooking. :P. The freshest greens would be usually available with the carts on the road sides. I usually prefer to buy my coriander and curry leaves with these guys coz the aroma of these greens definitely adds to the flavour of whatever you are cooking. And I cant do without fresh corinder. You would always find a bunch of coriander in a plastic container in my fridge. I find the best way to preserve coriander for a longer time is by chopping off the roots from the coriander bunch and then storing it away in an air tight container in the fridge.The most frequently available greens is Pudina or Mint leaves and I try to use it as much as possible in my dishes. I am an Eggitarian and I love anything to do with eggs (except boiled eggss :P) and i keep experimenting with different ingredients to come up with the best possible scrambled eggs which is one of my all time favourites.

I came up with a good way of making a spicy scrambled egg and here is how I made it.

You would require:

Eggs-  2
Jeera/Cumin Seeds –  1 tsp
Onion – 1 medium chopped

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