Everyday Microwave tips

Microwaves have become an integral part of every kitchen. Depending on how much you have spent on your microwave, it is useful for a range of functions right from reheating to roasting to baking.

I turn on the microwave almost everyday for some reason or the other and often wonder how I survived without one for years.

Here are some of everyday uses for microwave, some I leant through personal experience, others through various sources.

1. Boiling potatoes: Just microwave the whole potato (along with the skin) for 3 minutes. The skin prevents the moisture from going out and the potato cooks with the internal moisture. If after 3 mins, you feel that the potato hasn’t cooked enough, just cook it for few more seconds.

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Getting a perfect hard boiled egg | TummyKhush

You are trying to make a curry or a dish with a hard boiled egg. You end with a soft boiled egg and a goeey runny mess. I have faced this situation many times and half boiled eggs really put me off. They change the whole flavour of this dish I am trying to make.

So I went back to my trusted Internet, did a lot of research and after various experiments, came up with a way of getting the perfect hard boiled egg.

Different people have different methods of boiling eggs. It is a trial and error more or less. Here is my way of making them.

Please do share your own tips and tricks in the suggestions section.


Bring the eggs to room temperature once you remove them from the fridge.
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