Short cut Aloo Matar | TummyKhush

I love trying to experiment and come out with short cut recipes for those eloborate popular dishes that people love eating all the time. The reason??? I do get bored of my own cooking. May sound wierd. But …well …that it true :P. And in course of my experimenting, I managed to do something very simple with the standard aloo matar combi sabzi. It may not actually taste like the standard recipe. But trust me it does taste good. Coz it was given a thums up by my critic (hubby dear). And it would really satisfy those family members who keep complaning of having to eat the same boring dishes everyday. It would hardly take 30 mins and most of the time is taken for cooking in the pressure cooker. Specially easier to make when you have frozen peas in the refrigerator.

Here what you would need to make this dish for 2 people:

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Mixed vegetable paneer sandwich | TummyKhush

A lot of us crave for a yummy sandwich. A hot sandwich with a nice cup of coffee is a good option for a late sunday brunch or a late night qucik bite. Sandwiches can be toasted, grilled or simply made on the age old tawa. With a range of options for fillings both veg and non veg, sandwiches make for a healthy filling meal. When pressed for time, you can simply put a few slices of tomatoes or cucumbers or the very humble omelette for a quick grab n go snack.

So come Saturday night and with the IPL semi finals of Hyderabad vs. Bangalore, I decided to make a nice game night snack. I made the filling before hand so as to avoid the last minute rush so that me and my husband could enjoy a night Tv snack. And Aditya being a great fan of paneer, I chose Paneer as the main stuffing ingredient for the sandwich. I used the sandwich maker to grill the sandwiches. You can also do it on the tawa, making sure that you press the slices together properly so that they get cooked evenly. I also used  a mix of veggies like peas, mushrooms, corn, carrot etc. It is a healthy option and to be frank, you wouldnt be so guilty of bingeing when you put in so many veggies :P. Stuffing options can vary. It is just a question of experimenting with the ingredients.

Here are the ingredients I used to make 4 sandwiches:

Brown bread or a bread of your choice: 2 slices per sandwich.

For the stuffing:

Oil or butter : for cooking the stuffing.

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Paneer Makhani- Indian cottage cheese cooked in creamy gravy | TummyKhush

Paneer is a universally favourite food item. The taste and texture of Paneer or the Indian Cottage Cheese is so yummy that many people make it a compulsary item to eat when going to a restaurant. But I personally have stopped ordering Paneer dishes in restaurants coz the gravy is so spicy that it masks the delicate flavour the paneer. And who can miss the colours ranging from green to orange added to the dishes.:(. So i try learning to make these dishes at home. And one of the simplest dishes I have come across is the Paneer Makhani. It is quite easy to make provided you can lay your hands on a pack of cream. Amul sells tetra packed cream and I personally liked it. So you can grab a pack on your next visit to your super market or store.

This time when i tried making Paneer Makhani I marinaded the pieces in a mix of spices and curd. This ensured that the pieces were soft and flavourful. You can try this method if you have enough time. But then, well, if you are pressed for time, just skip the marination part and follow the rest of the procedure

For serving two people roughly, you would require

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Dahi bhindi / Bendakaya Perugu Pachadi- Okra in spicy curd gravy | TummyKhush


Bhindi or Lady’s Finger or Okra also known as Bendakaya in telugu, is one of those vegetables which is available almost across the year and most of the people love their bhindis except a few people who hate the stickiness of bhindis. Bhindis go very well specially with rotis. And being a lover of bhindis myself I am constantly on the search for new recipes. One of the recipes I have commonly come across is Dahi Bhindi or Lady’s finger in combination with curd. Usually moisture in Bhindis makes them more slimy. So I used to wonder if adding curd doesn’t make it more slimy. But having tried it today, I now know that adding curd is not such a bad idea after all. Curd actually adds a kind of tangy zing to the dish which makes is quite yummy.

I found some of the recipes a bit complicated. So I added my own twist to the recipe. Its easy to make, not really time consuming and I am sure it would be a hit.


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Palak rice / Spinach rice ..Spicy medley of spinach and rice | TummyKhush


Most of you must be familiar with the recipe for making Palak rice but I thought..well for those who don’t know it. And also I have found a healthy way of making it, preserving all the nutrients and maintaining the taste. The process maybe a wee bit tedious, but then Health ke liye…kuch bhi karega.. right?

Well is the recipe.

The Ingredients:

Palak/Spinach – 1 large bunch or two small bunches.

Garlic pods – 4 to 5 deskinned

Coriander leaves – a handful

Cooked rice – enough for two people

Carrots – 1 medium sized chopped

Beans – 4 or 5 chopped

Green peas – a few optional ( I didn’t use green peas)

Potatoes – 2 chopped optional

Oil – for frying

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Rajma / Rajmah – Red kidney beans cooked in spicy gravy | TummyKhush

I am a great fan of North Indian dishes. My first ever introduction to north Indian food was the naan and palak paneer combo thanks to my sister who was at that time staying in Rajkot, Gujarat and I have never stopped since then. And it still remains my most fave north Indian food. Sadly, I don’t find good quality north Indian food at many hotels. Sadly they are too spicy and overloaded with oil taking away the actually flvour of the palak and tha paneer. Worst still colour is added in many hotels and you aren’t sure if it is approved food colour or not. So I’d rather cook these dishes at home rather than eat out. Atleast you know what s going into it. The sad thing though with some north Indian dishes is that the process is elaborate and time consuming with so many pastes that have to be made like onion paste ginger garlic paste etc (if you want it to taste fresh i.e. :P. I don’t use packed pastes for ginger garlic n stuff)

The other day I had decided to make Rajmah and jeera rice combo. My husband does really love it :D. and when I was pondering how to make it more quickly and then I decided to make a paste of all the masalas together though I wasn’t really sure how it would taste. Now that I have made it and it didn’t really taste that bad after all… (ahem!!trying to be a bit did really taste good) I decided to put the recipe into the blog.

This is how I made it: (to serve 2 people approximately)

Rajmah (kidney beans) : 1 cup

Soak the kidney beans overnight in water if you are making it for lunch or soak them for the whole day if you are making it for the dinner.

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