Sorakaya majjiga pulusu/ Dhoodhi kadhi | TummyKhush

Stews made with curd are a part of the Indian recipe reportoire. Essentially yoghurt is thinned with water. It is cooked either plain or with vegetables or dumplings and spices added to it. Kadhi, avial, majjiga pulusu, all the recipes utilise the same basic recipe with slight modifications to yield different tastes. The dish is a good way of finishing left over or sour curd.

sorakaya majjiga pulusu

To make this dish you need:

Bottle gourd : skinned and chopped – 1 cup

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Spicy Rasam-andhra style | Tummykhush

Rasam/charu is an integral part of South Indian meal. Laden with healthy spices and condiments, it is does loads of good to the digestive system specially for upset stomachs. Traditionally, making rasam is a little lengthy process consisting of making a base with water, tomatoes, tamarind , salt and rasam powder and then tempering with standard south Indian condiments.

But what fun is life without some short cuts. So I decided to make the rasam in the reverse process more due to shortage of utensils that shortage of time. And it turned out pretty good. So here I am posting the recipe. As this is an unplanned post, I do not have enough pics. Will try to update them at a later date. For now though, here is the short cut one pot spicy rasam recipe.


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Avarekai Coconut Saaru / avarekalu saaru /Flat beans in spicy coconut gravy | TummyKhush

The season for “Avarekai” has started in Bangalore much to the delight of hubby who adores these “Flat Beans”. So the purchase and an order to make something out of them followed.  Avarekai are similar to beans, but very big in size. The skin is normally not eaten but discarded. You would find road side vendors removing the skins and selling the beans.  I had preserved a cut out from “The Times Of India” that had different Avarekai recipes. The idea was to make “Avarekai saaru” which a standard preparation in Karnataka.


I had never really tasted it and didn’t know how it was supposed to turn out. The original recipe called for coriander seeds, curry powder, coconut and jeera to be ground and added to boiled avarekai. I was a little skeptical about how it would turn out to be. A phone call to a friend and some brain-storming later, I decided to add my own twist to the recipe, adding a few extra ingredients and skipping other. A little skeptically, I served it to hubby. Turns out he really liked it. So here I am with the modified Karnataka style Avarakai saaru.

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Pappu Charu (Andhra style dal/lentil medley) | TummyKhush

Every region in India has recipes which are traditional and handed down over generations. These recipes are generally basic, nutritious and light on the stomach. They use a good mix of spices which not only improve appetite but also help in improving digestion. One such recipe handed down to me from my family is the Andhra style Pappu Charu. Pappu simply means dal and charu means rasam.  It is somewhere between a regular rasam/charu and sambar. It contains basic ingredients like dal, tomaotes, tamarind, some every day spices. The important ingredient here is the garlic gloves which render most of the flavour to the dish. If you don’t favour garlic, you can go ahead and skip it. But the flavour does get affected.

Here are the ingredients you would require to make this dal and rasam medley:

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