Mint and Yoghurt Raitha | TummyKhush

Summer has finally set in..And thus starts my hunt for recipes that help in reducing the effects of the scorching summer. I was rummaging through my recipe books for a nice salad recipe and came across a simple mint and yoghurt salad recipe with salt and sugar. I added my own healthy twist to it and thus was born my healthy mint and yoghurt veggie raitha. Have it as an accompaniment with rotis or pulao/fried rice of your choice and you will feel the cooling effect of the mint and yoghurt combo for a long time after you have eaten it.


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Kosumbari(Carrot and coconut Salad-Karnataka style) | TummyKhush

Kosumbari is a very popular Karnataka style salad/raw food. It is served in almost all marriages and such other functions across Karnataka. I did taste this salad many times but never knew how to make it until I went to a friend’s house for lunch where her mother made it for us. From then on it has become a regular accompaniment in our house hold food too. It is simple and easy to make if you have all the ingredients at home. There  are a lot of variations for this salad, but this recipe is the most simple and basic form of it. And it would be a good way to get kids eat their veggies too 😀

Here is what you require for a serving for 2 people:

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Snake gourd and curd chutney/Potlakaya perugu pachadi | TummyKhush

Gourds are an integral part of South Indian diet. High on nutrition value on low on fat, these vegetables are easy to digest. They have been a part of convalesence diet or post-illness diet for a long time now. Snake gourd is one of the gourds that has been a part of traditional South Indian cooking. Named after its shape, it is easy to cook and healthy.

One of the dishes that is made with this gourd is a curd salad known in telugu as perugu pachadi. It conisits of curd and South Indian style  simple tempering. It is a kindof curd and snake gourd salad with tempering.  Here is how it is made.

You would require:

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Menthi majjiga – Curd tempered with Indian spices | TummyKhush

We all must have, at one time or the other gone through a situation where there is excess curd in the fridge, or the curd has turn sour or the folks at home simply refuse to eat curd. And curd is a very important part of everyday food because of its cooling properties and nutritional value. Here is a simple way to add variety to the very humble curd and break the monotony of the curd and make sure it is eaten.The tempering added to the curd is also supposed to have ayurvedic properties. Though an extremely simple recipe to make, it does add taste to the meal. The tempering can be added to thick curd or buttermilk as per your choice. I prefer to use a medium consistency, neither too thick nor too diluted.

Here is what you would require:

For 2-3 cups of curd or buttermilk (as required)
Oil: 1 tbsp

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Dahi bhindi / Bendakaya Perugu Pachadi- Okra in spicy curd gravy | TummyKhush


Bhindi or Lady’s Finger or Okra also known as Bendakaya in telugu, is one of those vegetables which is available almost across the year and most of the people love their bhindis except a few people who hate the stickiness of bhindis. Bhindis go very well specially with rotis. And being a lover of bhindis myself I am constantly on the search for new recipes. One of the recipes I have commonly come across is Dahi Bhindi or Lady’s finger in combination with curd. Usually moisture in Bhindis makes them more slimy. So I used to wonder if adding curd doesn’t make it more slimy. But having tried it today, I now know that adding curd is not such a bad idea after all. Curd actually adds a kind of tangy zing to the dish which makes is quite yummy.

I found some of the recipes a bit complicated. So I added my own twist to the recipe. Its easy to make, not really time consuming and I am sure it would be a hit.


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