Bendakaya Senagapindi Kura/Besan Bhindi Sabzi/Okra cooked with Chickpea Flour | TummyKhush

Lady’s finger is a tricky vegetable to cook with. The slimy texture causes a lot of people to hate it. But a few tricks can reduce the sliminess and it is very tasty. A few friends of mine who hated ladys finger actually liked it very much when I cooked it with some chick pea flour. The chick pea flour reduces the sliminess of the lady’s finger and at the same time gives it a very fritter like flavour which makes it palatable and tasty.

Just a few things to remember when preparing lady’s finger for cooking:

1. Remember to remove the lady’s finger from the refrigerator atleast a couple of hours before cooking. Wash them and allow to dry on a newspaper or a paper towel. The lady’s finger should be completely dry before you start to chop them.

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Cabbage green peas curry/Bandh gobi matar sabzi | TummyKhush

Making the right cabbage curry  used to be a challenge for in the intial days of my marriage. It was either undercooked, raw and smelly or overcooked, mushy and watery, the sight of which used to put me down, let alone being able to eat it. We used to stay in Bangalore and I really loved the curries served in the darshini thalis. I remember my mom and sister used to make very good cabbage sabzi. Still I used to find it difficult to get my cabbage curry right. So, after lot of experimentation and about a year of getting it all wrong, I was finally able to zero in on a recipe that I loved and I have never changed the method till date. So here I am sharing with you guys my favourite cabbage and green peas curry.


Serving size : 3 – 4 people

Ingredients required:

Cabbage : small size chopped
Green peas : 1/2 cup
Potato : 1 small peeled and finely chopped (optional)
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Dosakaya kura- Yellow cucumber curry | TummyKhush

A personal favourite of mine…this is again a recipe I learnt from my mother-in-law. This dish is very basic, easy to make in a few steps, and retains a lot of its flavours and nutritional value. This curry goes well with rice.

Dosakaya is a variety of cucumber mainly found in India. It is a staple in Andhra cooking and is used as a main ingredient in dals, curries, chutneys and pickles.

When you are staying outside India, you wouldn’t normally expect to find all the vegetables in the market that you have grown up eating. I have been lucky enough to have stores nearby that stock up on all kinds of Indian foods. So when I saw some cucumbers, I was ecstatic. The first thing I did is make some dosavakaya, which is a pickle made out of cucumbers. The rest I used to make my favourite dosakaya kura.




The ingredients you need to make this curry are:

Dosakayalu or yellow cucumbers – 2 medium-sized

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Vankaya Kura/Andhra Brinjal/Egg Plant Curry | TummyKhush

Brinjal forms a major component of South Indian food, specially in Andhra. It is eaten in a variety of ways like stir-fried, stuffed, made into a chutney etc. The most popular Andhra dish with brinjal or egg plant is the quintessential “guthi vankaya kura” or egg plant stuffed with a savoury mixture made of flavourful herbs and condiments.

Here we will see how to make a brinjal curry prepared using a flavour mix of kitchen essentials such as ginger, green chillies and coriander leaves.



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Chamadumpa vepudu/arbi stir fry | TummyKhush

Colocasia is known as Arbi in Hindi and chamadumpa in telugu.It is also know as taro vegetable.  The best way to cook this is to simply stir fry it with salt and chilli powder. It can be had in combination with rice and pappu charu and is quite comforting specially in winters.  It also can also be eaten as a snack on its own.

Making the chamadumpa vepudu is a little time consuming as it takes aroud 15-20 mintues to get fried. It does take more oil but then what is life without indulgence once in a way 😛

Arbi/chamadumpa  looks like this.

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Simple Plantain stir Fry- Aratikaya vepudu | TummyKhush


Plantain also known as “Aratikaya” in telugu is a widely used vegetable in South Indian cooking. It is used in making a variety of dishes ranging from simple fries with basic tempering to curries, gravies and even snacks like bajjis and pakoras. Here is a simple plantain stir fry that goes well with rice

Here’s what you would require to make the plantain stir fry:

Plantains  :2
Turmeric :1/4 tsp.

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