Capsicum Curry with Chutney Powder | TummyKhush

All of us tend to have chutney powders in the home pantry, be it made by mom who stocks it up every time she comes visiting (in my case mom-in-law), or store bought. In any case these powders can make an excellent base for some curries. You could use either peanut chutney powder or bengal gram dal (I prefer peanut powder) Just throw in a few extra ingredients and you end up with spicy succulent curry which goes well with rice or chapatis. I prefer using these chutney powder with capsicum as the combination goes very well. These pictures were fished out from very old archives and realised I forgot to put this recipe in my blogpost.


To make capsicum curry with chutney powder, you would need:

Capsicum – 3 to 4 medium sized, stem removed and chopped
Onion – 1 medium sized, skin removed and chopped/sliced

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Bagara Baingan / Vankaya Masala / Brinjal (eggplant) cooked in Spicy Gravy | TummyKhush

The best things in life happen in the least unplanned manner. That is how this recipe was born. The very fact that this blogpost doesn’t have many pictures proves the point. The husband bought very cute,tiny,round brinjals from the farmer’s market and wanted me to make bagara baingan. (It is one of his top favourites curries by the way). So after putting off making the recipe for almost a week, I decided enough is enough let me make it. I referred online for the recipe (my constant source of information of all types) and decided almost all the recipes were too complicated. So I just washed the brinjals and started frying them and decided to go with the flow and followed my instincts.And it was a hit. That’s when I decided to share it with you guys. This dish is a labour of love. So without further talking, let me go to the recipe.


Here are the ingredients I used to make this recipe.

Brinjals – 1/2 kg
Peanuts – 1/2 cup
White sesame seeds (thella nuvvulu) – 3 to 4 tsp

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Kakarakaya Ullikaram/ Stuffed Karela(Bittergourd) | TummyKhush

Bittergourd.. you either love it or you hate it. There can’t be an in between. I fall in the former category. I love bittergourd. I also love any vegetable that is stuffed with onion paste and cooked. So, then, this is one of my favourite curries. The sweetness of the onions offsets the bitterness of the bittergourd creating a wonderful contrast. This is definitely one of my comfort food curries.


You would need:

Bitter gourd : 1/4 kg

For the stuffing:

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Carrot Kheera Chutney | TummyKhush

I keep talking a lot about fridge raid recipes to use up left over veggies in the fridge. For a change I am gonna talk about a recipe that I’d love to make after finishing my shopping trip. I can’t resist filling up my cart with fresh veggies when I go shopping. I love the sights and smells of fresh produce in the market. After one particular shopping trip, I had some fresh carrots and cucumbers and a brain wave…to make something with a combination of these two. Since both of them were fresh, I didn’t want to cook and spoil those awesome flavours. And I was planning to make dosas for dinner. So chutney it was. I simply took the basic principles of chutney making and instead of sauteing the veggies which is the normal method, I simply used them raw and voila a new recipe was born. It is still one of my favourite chutney recipes and I am proud to say it is completely my baby from conception to completion.


Here is how I made this carrot kheera chutney.

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Bendakaya Senagapindi Kura/Besan Bhindi Sabzi/Okra cooked with Chickpea Flour | TummyKhush

Lady’s finger is a tricky vegetable to cook with. The slimy texture causes a lot of people to hate it. But a few tricks can reduce the sliminess and it is very tasty. A few friends of mine who hated ladys finger actually liked it very much when I cooked it with some chick pea flour. The chick pea flour reduces the sliminess of the lady’s finger and at the same time gives it a very fritter like flavour which makes it palatable and tasty.

Just a few things to remember when preparing lady’s finger for cooking:

1. Remember to remove the lady’s finger from the refrigerator atleast a couple of hours before cooking. Wash them and allow to dry on a newspaper or a paper towel. The lady’s finger should be completely dry before you start to chop them.

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Spicy Spinach Stir fry/Palak saag/ Palakura kura | TummyKhush


The first thing that springs to mind when someone says palak is either palak paneer or palak dal. These are the pretty standard recipes that we adore. But there is just so many times you can eat either of them. So how about palak stir fry?? I like using the combination of ginger, green chillies and onions in a lot of recipes.

They add ton of flavour to the otherwise bland run-of-the-mill vegetables. Some of the veggies I like with this combination are palak/spinach, thotakura/amaranthus, aratikaya/plantain and who can forget the eternal combination of ginger and chillies with brinjal. This cooking method is very nutritional as the overall cooking time of the greens is less and since you are not adding any other major ingredient, you will end up eating more of the greens.

For making this palak stir fry recipe you need:

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