Vegetable noodles (Stir fried noodles cooked with a combo of veggies) | Tummykhush

Say chinese.. and the first thing that comes to mind is noodles and manchurian. Chinese food is so popular in India that it is served at all places right from road side bandiwallas (read carts) to sheek restaurants. We Indians also have the distinction of totally “Indianising” Chinese food, adding our own masalas to it. Part of the credit goes to the FMCG companies that introduced the quick noodles concept in India and part to the chefs who succeeded in indiansing Chinese food. The repercussions… demand for Chinese food from both kids and adults alike :D. It is always a good feeling to make all this stuff at home. So I have come up with my own way of making noodles at home. I, ofcourse, use noodle packs like Maggi and top ramen, but I make it in my own way to give it a personalised  and healthy touch. I also make sure to buy wheat based noodles. Wheat based are always better than the regular white ones. So here comes my way of making healthy and tasty stir fried noodles at home.

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