Semiya Upma/Vermicelli Upma | TummyKhush

Semiya upma is one of the favourite South Indian breakfast recipes. Semiya, known as vermicelli in English looks like long dry pasta/noodle strands. When cooked in water they swell and soften like any pasta or noodle would. Some semiya is sold pre-roasted too cutting down the step of roasting the semiya before cooking. Semiya is also used for making payasam or kheer (a dessert preparation) for festivals and special occassions.


For making this recipe you would need:

Semiya/vermicelli : 1 cup
Water :  1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cups

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Baked samosas | TummyKhush

This is one of those recipes that came to me just by chance. We had a left over Aloo curry (the one that is normally eaten with pooris) in the house. And then hubby said why not make some samosas out of them.

Samosas as a snack have always scared me for two reasons:

1. You use Maida to make it which in my book is a strict no-no
2. Deep frying which again… well what can I say.

Then hubby says, why don’t you use the OTG to bake the samosas and use whole wheat flour instead of Maida. I wasn’t very convinced but nevertheless went ahead and the results are for you to see.


Since this recipe is a bit elaborate, I would be dividing the making into 3 steps:

1. Making the covering for the samosas.
2. Making the stuffing for the samosas
3. Assembling and baking the samosas

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Kosumbari(Carrot and coconut Salad-Karnataka style) | TummyKhush

Kosumbari is a very popular Karnataka style salad/raw food. It is served in almost all marriages and such other functions across Karnataka. I did taste this salad many times but never knew how to make it until I went to a friend’s house for lunch where her mother made it for us. From then on it has become a regular accompaniment in our house hold food too. It is simple and easy to make if you have all the ingredients at home. There  are a lot of variations for this salad, but this recipe is the most simple and basic form of it. And it would be a good way to get kids eat their veggies too 😀

Here is what you require for a serving for 2 people:

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Tofu/ Bean Curd Tikkas (Medley of Tofu and veggies marinated in curd sauce) | TummyKhush

All of us must have tasted paneer tikka at some time or the other. And it is quite a hit with most people as a starter. With the amount of fat paneer has, it becomes quite an indulgence for weight watchers. Tofu or bean curd is a better subsitiute for paneer. It is quite similar in texture and colour to paneer. It is supposed to be quite healthy also. So if you have tofu avialble in your supermarket, you should give it a try.

In this recipe, I have used the basic principle of marinating the Tofu as we do to paneer, along with other vegetables like capsicum and tomato. I then broiled them in my OTG till done. You can do it in the microwave or a tawa too. I used the leftover marinade as a side for dipping the tikkas in. Try it. It is really good as an evening snack or a stater. It is also a good way  to get kids to eat healthy food.

Here is how I made it:

For the marinade:

Thick curd: 1/2 cup
Salt : to taste

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Mixed vegetable paneer sandwich | TummyKhush

A lot of us crave for a yummy sandwich. A hot sandwich with a nice cup of coffee is a good option for a late sunday brunch or a late night qucik bite. Sandwiches can be toasted, grilled or simply made on the age old tawa. With a range of options for fillings both veg and non veg, sandwiches make for a healthy filling meal. When pressed for time, you can simply put a few slices of tomatoes or cucumbers or the very humble omelette for a quick grab n go snack.

So come Saturday night and with the IPL semi finals of Hyderabad vs. Bangalore, I decided to make a nice game night snack. I made the filling before hand so as to avoid the last minute rush so that me and my husband could enjoy a night Tv snack. And Aditya being a great fan of paneer, I chose Paneer as the main stuffing ingredient for the sandwich. I used the sandwich maker to grill the sandwiches. You can also do it on the tawa, making sure that you press the slices together properly so that they get cooked evenly. I also used  a mix of veggies like peas, mushrooms, corn, carrot etc. It is a healthy option and to be frank, you wouldnt be so guilty of bingeing when you put in so many veggies :P. Stuffing options can vary. It is just a question of experimenting with the ingredients.

Here are the ingredients I used to make 4 sandwiches:

Brown bread or a bread of your choice: 2 slices per sandwich.

For the stuffing:

Oil or butter : for cooking the stuffing.

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Oggani Bajji / Masala murmura – Spicy puffed rice snack from Andhra Pradesh | TummyKhush


Every region in India has its unique eating habits and recipes depending on the area, region cultural background and other factors. Whenever I go to visit a new place I try to find out the recipes unique to those places. So when we went to hubby’s friends marriage, I found that they had a very unique breakfast recipe which I hadn’t heard of before. Its made using puffed rice and whats more it is eaten with mirchi bajji. Mirchi bajji… first thing in the morning….I don’t know why they don’t get acidity problems. Jokes apart, I tried making that recipe with hubby dear’s help and it came out pretty well and can be safely eaten as an evening snack (even as a breakfast if you are adventurous enough). This breakfast dish is prepared in rayalaseema area of Andhra Pradesh, which is incidentally also famous for its local bomb manufacturing. That probably explains their preference for eating something as spicy as a bomb first thing in the morning.


This breakfast dish is called oggani bajji…. Oggani referring to the tempered puffed rice and the bajji… well obviously the mirchi bajji. If you love spicy food, this one is definitely for you. This recipe would serve around 3 people.

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