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It is one drink almost all of us grew up relishing. Made with simple ingredients, simple method and loads of goodness, buttermilk is considered the ideal drink for summers and winters. While the herbs added to it provide medicinal value, the curds contain good bacteria that aid digestion and reduce stomach upsets. Dilute the curd with loads of water if you are on a diet.. Have a jug of buttermilk in your fridge and be ready to tingle your taste buds or that of unexpected guests.


After a lot of trial and error I have come up with a simple recipe of masala buttermilk that is sure to be a winner.

You would need:

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Refreshing Mango Milk Shake | TummyKhush

Come summer and mangoes become a common sight in almost all the markets. Sold both in raw and ripe forms, this fruit is a hot favourite with everybody and even juice vendors stock up on the fruit as the demand for milk-shakes rockets sky high. In the raw form, mangoes are majorly used for pickling purposes. This practice is followed mostly in Sothern part of India and the pickles have shelf life of almost a year (Heard about the Andhra famous Avakaya?:P).

Refreshing Mango Mazaa!!!

The drinks made out of mangoes make for a refreshing summer drinks, the most common one being milk shakes (or Mango Mazaa as I choose to call it. Mango milk shake sounds boring ?). The colour is quite refreshing and the sweet taste helps beat the summer heat. So here is the recipe of the Mango Mazaa I made at home on public demand.

For 2 servings of Mango mazaa you would require:

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